10 Affordable DIY Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas + Tutorials!

DIY Above Ground Pool Deck

You can get an affordable, attractive, handmade spot to relax and enjoy drinks near your pool, making a DIY above-ground pool deck and avoiding muddy backyards. So here is an inspirational collection of easy DIY above-ground pool deck ideas and video tutorials from the finest professionals to transform your pool area into a safe, appealing shelter for the whole family.

DIY Above-Ground Pool Deck

DIY Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

DIY Above-Ground Pool Deck Plans For Beginners

Summer is in full swing, and you will surely have put your above-ground pools in the backyard to cool up these shiny, burning days. But nobody can spend hours only in the pool, so you must have a break in a calming space like the DIY above-ground pool deck to rest without leaving that cold spot. It will be a clean and safest area around the pool for kids and adults to play or sleep.

The diy above-ground pool deck ideas on a budget can be customized according to space and style needs and come in various shapes like Circles wrapping the pool, rectangles, quarters, or even ovals. If a pet could jump from the deck onto the pool area, you can add a shorter railing to help stop it. To Make a shiny wooden DIY above-ground pool deck, our easy guides will help you.

Materials needed

Here are some materials that are commonly used

  • Basic hand tools
  •  plywood
  • Staple gun
  • Pin nailer
  • Glue
  • Table saw
  • Circular/miter saw either work
  • Sander
  • Stain of choice

How To Build Above-Ground Swimming Pool

How To Build An Above Ground Swimming Pool

This detailed guide will help you make a custom DIY above-ground swimming pool with a platform and wooden border. You will need first to level up the ground and choose the best lining system to prevent water leakage.  It is an advanced DIY project, but the final result is awesome. You can add the little stairs and the cooler boxes attached to the pool for the beverages. It will be a nice pool and deck that you can start making today.


Circular DIY Ground Pool Deck With Stairs

Above Ground Pool Decks

Gone are the days of your pool being hugged by a deck on just one side. Because following this tutorial, create an attractive DIY round pool deck to wrap around your pool! This pool deck will protect against unwanted access because of its patterned walls surrounding every side, which are also a source of beauty. This time, not the regular ladders but the actual stairs that are more safe. You can return the traditional look with the same railings on both sides. So, enjoy the summer experiences by making this deck.


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Rectangle DIY Pool Deck

DIY Pool Deck

This guide will help you to make another above-ground pool deck using lumber, from drilling the holes and making the structure to adding the decking and finishing touches. You can assemble it in your backyard or any other space far from home, but make sure you have the best watering supply. You can use the empty space to keep objects under the decking. So you can enjoy the sips of your favorite drinks on your homemade deck.


How to Build a DIY Deck Around a Pool

This easy tutorial helps you to make the same decking surrounding a quarter of the pool with the same railing. Still, it offers more customization adding the royal touch of displaying a cute cross-patterned wall except for the empty space under the decking. You may plan or sketch your decking, take all the measurements according to your area, and follow the tutorial for an accurate finish.

How To Build a Two-Level Pool Deck

This two-level deck in pebble tray color allows you to have a space for seating and a place for children to play safely without needing anyone to enter the water, and you add in the front of the house, perfect for those with less space. You will need a complete team to make this large project separated by a trans-end railing with spindles and the safety gate, plus the superb stairs you will love. The capital lattice for the lower walls of the deck looks extremely adorable and you will cherish spending time with family and friends.

Above Ground Pool Deck For Summer Parties

Here’s an attractive and unique pool decking with the stairs and the deck side by side. Don’t forget to add the cow panel hand railing – a low-cost yet outstanding idea adding a touch of rural charm and that simple door. Make space fun because this spacious rectangular deck has plenty of room for everyone at a summer party.

Easy Quarter Round Pool Deck With Safe Railing

Quarter Round Pool Deck Plans

Make this sturdy plywood Quarter round pool deck with a smooth, polished but gripped surface far superior to conventional concrete footings. This amazing deck can go well with all your favorite outdoor furniture, such as cozy benches and relaxing chairs, and the elegant arc railing system and stairs make it safer and classic. So, embellish your poolside area by building a fabulously stylish deck in four short days by following the guide!


Cheap Ground Pool Deck

Above Ground Pool Decks

With lovely continuous long stripes of plywood pieces, this DIY deck is better than any damp, slippery ground around the pool. You can also add a little garden near the entrance railing by adding beautiful shrubs and pots of flowers. Such natural beauty! This deck will make your summer pool time much more enjoyable and would be a charming addition to the backyard.


How To Build An Above-Ground Pool Deck

How To Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

Here is another guide for making a DIY above-ground deck that increases the visual appeal and functionality of the area. Perfect when little wants to come in and out of the pool continuously but has a little height to enter. This uses the same rows of cedar wood with a railing on the three sides and little stairs for the lovely plays of kids.


The Little Above-Ground Pool Deck For Couples

Something special for you who’s tight on space but big on dreams. Ever thought of having a cozy corner where you can sit with your loved ones, gazing at the sunset? Follow this guide to make your very own mini couple deck! This deck is small but perfect, quick to build, and easy on the pocket. With minimal materials and a pinch of effort, you’ll soon have a little outdoor haven.


We hope you liked these DIY Above Ground Pool Deck plans as much as we did. Use this deck as an above-ground pool foundation, for a fire pit, for your spa, and more. The choice is limitless, however, we feel that having a solid deck underneath is the way to go! Simple instructions are all you need to complete this project, so stop thinking and start building your beautiful new deck!


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