Barkbox Review – Written By Bailey the Cavalier

Bailey Loves BarkBox: A Review Written By Bailey the Cavalier - The Newlywed PilgrimageHi, I’m Bailey. I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I live in Dallas, Texas with Mommy & Daddy. I love treats, belly rubs (especially from Daddy), and car rides to absolutely anywhere. I hate stairs, baths, and stingy humans at the dinner table. My most favorite time of day is when my Mommy gets home from work and takes me to the mailbox.

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Doggie Dreams Do Come True

One thing that my little Texas family (including me, my husband, a dog, & 2 cats) has had a really hard time getting used to since we moved to Ohio last year is the snow.

I started snow skiing in Colorado at the age of 4 and my husband wasn’t too far behind in age when he started. It’s not that we don’t like snow or that we have never been anywhere where there was a lot of snow but it’s an entirely different thing to live in it. I also think that it’s on another level completely when you aren’t living in a ski town. There’s nothing to do in the snow here. You just have to live through it. It makes getting from place to place more difficult, everything is snowy muddy, and it’s cold. Really cold. Bone chilling cold. Is it beautiful? Yes it is but that hardly outweighs the cons.

The member of our family who has had the hardest time adjusting to the snow this year is the dog. Bailey boy is an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He loves belly rubs, milk bones, couch snuggles, and having dry feet. I’m serious on that last one. He even has booties for rainy weather in Texas because he absolutely hates his feet being wet. You could probably guess that he really hates snow. He seems confused by it and you can tell that he despises getting out in it. Plus, he loves the sunshine and in Ohio during the winter, the sun must go on vacation.

Bailey Snow Can you tell he seems a little “put off” in this photo?

Well, we’ve been hearing a lot about this so-called blizzard that may be coming our way this weekend. I was starting to feel a little sad for the dog because I knew that it was going to be an even bigger issue for him to be able to get his business done.

To my surprise, we woke up this morning and found this…

Bailey Green Grass A soon as he got a glance of the green grass and a bit of sunshine, Bailey dog turned around to look at me. If our furry friends could talk, I just know he’d say, “Mama, doggie dreams really do come true.”