Easter Candy Topiary Tutorial

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Easter Candy Topiary Tutorial - Make a fun Easter centerpiece. [via @jenniferpilgrim | ModernPilgrimBlog.com]

When I think of spring and the Easter holiday, two things come to mind . . . candy and color! Create a candy topiary centerpiece and bring the best of April, candy favorites and bright colors, to your Easter table. [Read more…]

How to Make Your Own Easter Candy + Link Party 192

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I love me some Christmas and I wouldn't trade it for anything but the Easter holiday simply tops it. One reason is the pastel CANDY, y'all. If you've ever wondered how to make your own Easter candy, we've got you covered!Spring is my favorite season and Easter is my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Christmas and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but the Easter holiday simply tops it. One reason is the pastel CANDY, y’all. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own Easter candy, we’ve got you covered! [Read more…]

Candy Friendship Bracelets with Airheads

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Edible Candy Friendship Bracelet - A kids craft tutorial with Airheads.Back in the 90’s when I was in grade school, friendship bracelets were all the rage. We’d sit around in class after our work was done and braid threads of every imaginable color to make bracelets for our friends and maybe our moms (if she remembered to give ice cream money).

Fast forward a couple of decades and I have a very posh little niece who makes them now. She can do all kinds of fancy braiding! Isn’t it funny how these trends always seem to come back around?

Airheads Candy Kids CraftsWhether you’ve made them in the past or you have a crafty child at home, I bet you are fond of friendship bracelets too. Well, how do you feel about edible friendship bracelets? Best idea ever, right? Kids everywhere will go nuts for these!

Read on for a super simple tutorial for making candy friendship bracelets. Yum!

Airheads Candy Crafts
First of all, let it be known that the only candy I recommend using for this project is Airheads. It’s my favorite moldable, bendable, and stretchable candy for crafting! It’s not too soft or too hard. If you need it to be softer, simply microwave it for a few seconds. If you need it to be harder, refrigerate it. Talk about versatility! Luckily, we don’t have to do any of that for our candy jewelry craft today because it’s perfect just the way it is.

Edible Candy Jewelry with Airheads
To begin, purchase 3 Airheads bars for every 1 friendship bracelet you want to make. Unwrap the bars and place them on wax paper. Then use scissors to cut each bar into four even threads.

Secondly, depending on the desired length of the bracelet, you may need to need to adhere two threads together to make it longer. You can do this by pressing the ends together with your fingers and molding into one long thread.

Airheads Candy JewleryNext, lay out three threads side-by-side in close proximity to each other on wax paper. Start by stacking and pressing the threads together at the top to create a base. Use the photo above as a guide. The thread on the far right (red) will go on the bottom, the middle thread (blue) will remain in the middle, and the thread on the left (purple) goes on top. Now begin braiding.

Candy Friendship Bracelets CraftKeep braiding until you’ve reach the end. Once you’re done, snip the loose end of the braid off so it’s nice and even. Both ends of the braid will connect easily to create a bracelet, all you have to do is pinch and mold them together but be gentle.

Before connecting the braid into a bracelet, however, I do recommend trying it on the person you are giving it to for size so it can be cut accordingly. If this isn’t a possibility, it’s probably best to gift the braid as a strand. It can always be attached into a bracelet by the recipient later or enjoyed (eaten) as is.

See now, wasn’t that easy? Did you eat a couple of Airheads in the process? Good.

Candy Friendship Bracelet Kids Craft - made with Airheads.Not only are candy friendship bracelets a fruity, flavorful and fun kids craft but they make fantastic gifts for every holiday. In fact, my 1 year old daughter will be making these as Christmas presents for her friends at church. I plan on putting them in clear plastic bags with adorable labels, of course! I’ll share the labels as a free printable this month so keep a look out for that!

Valentine Candy Friendship Bracelets TutorialFor more fun ideas on how to craft with Airheads visit and follow them on Pinterest. To learn more about Airheads candy visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and YouTube!