10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers - Social Media Tips10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Hello fellow blogger!

I’m betting that you already know this but Pinterest is a top traffic driver to blogs. It just keeps on growing and growing. I don’t know about you but I can’t absorb enough knowledge about this particular social media site. Some of my favorite “big time” bloggers say that Pinterest accounts for more than 90% of their referring traffic. That’s huge! Don’t worry, I’m not quite there either (chuckle) but I’m trying and I’ve already started incorporating rules of Pinterest engagement into my marketing efforts. Here’s what I’ve been learning about Pinterest lately.

1. Images matter.

Always have an image in your post. Furthermore, always have a vertical image in your posts. Vertical images perform better on Pinterest. Shoot for 600×800 pixels. The graphic below is an example of such an image. Also, use text on your images to describe the content. You can use free sites like BeFunkyPinstamatic, or PicMonkey for this. Most people pin the very first image from a blog post so if it works with your blog’s aesthetic, let it be your best vertical image with wording. It may be a good idea to go back through your old posts and optimize the photos as mentioned.

10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

2. Pin during peak Pinterest times.

According to a recent study, Pinterest has the most activity between 2-4PM and 8:30PM-1AM during the week. However, Saturday morning is the absolute best time for pinning. If you are unable to pin during peak Pinterest times, schedule pins in advance using an application like Viraltag or Pinwoot. These apps allow you to upload pins in bulk and schedule the timing of when they are actually pinned.

3. Find out what has been pinned from your site and create similar content.

Type this into your browser http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com (replacing “yourdomain.com”) to see what has been pinned to Pinterest from your blog. You can also setup a free PinAlerts account and receive email notifications whenever someone pins something from your website.

4. Descriptions are key.

For optimal SEO, create a description for each of your boards and use keyword #hashtags in that description. Also, before you upload photos into a post make sure that they have descriptive names using the keywords you have chosen for the post. Put those same key words into the “alt tag” of the photos.

5. Optimize your blog for Pinterest.

Add a ‘Pin It’ button to your posts. A lot of readers view blogs on mobile devices and it’s a lot easier for them to click ‘pin it’ from the mobile version of your blog. WordPress has 15 great plugins for Pinterest users to add the button. Another rule of optimization is to use a plugin that links similar posts at the bottom of your popular posts. This is a great way to get more page views.

6. Be strategic with your Pinterest profile.

Make your Pinterest boards more appealing by paying attention to the cover photos. They should be fantastic photos. Try to use one of your own photos if applicable. Also, be sure that your top 10 boards are your absolute best boards containing a plethora of pins that are “in season”.

7. Pin outside content more often.

A good rule of thumb is 10 to 1. It’s great to be the original source on Pinterest but you should pin 10 items from other bloggers for every 1 item from your own blog. Why? You want your followers to trust you and find value in your boards. This can’t happen if you’re only pinning your own content. Plus, other bloggers will notice your generosity and return the favor. In addition to pinning your blog content to boards within their theme, it’s also a great idea to have a Pinterest board for your blog that displays your blog title and contains photos from every post. Display this board in your top 10 boards.

8. Join group boards.

Search Pinterest and find group boards that relate to your blog topics. Your pins can be seen by thousands more people this way. Once you join a group board and start pinning to it, all group members and all of their followers see each pin in their feed. Think of how far that pin can go!

9. Be link conscious.  

Monitor your pins for correct links. Nothing annoys Pinterest followers more than clicking on a broken or incorrect link. Again, you want your followers to trust you.

10. Quality over quantity.

Thing about what you’re pinning. If it’s not something that you would post onto your own blog, do not pin it. If it’s not adding value to your boards, do not pin it. If it’s not adding beauty, positivity, or creativity to Pinterest, do not pin it.

Got more tips? I’d love to hear them! Send ’em on. Let’s learn to master this Pinterest together!

Happy pinning!



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  2. Good post. All the vital SEO and LINK utilization is everything I would suggest as a graduating student with experience in Internet Marketing. Straight to the point too, easy read. I enjoyed your ‘ABOUT’ section and your links, also the free printable section. Very inspiring for my construction of my own website. PINNED!

    May I suggest on the previous page, your “10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers” image not only have a “Pin Me” link but links to this landing page as well? I clicked the image before seeing the “read more” link and it led me to a separate page simple with image. Happy Blogging!!

  3. Julia says:

    Just curious, you list the peek times to post. Would that be a certain time zone you are referring to? Did their study say what time zones because it would be different everywhere. I’m in CA so PST and I try to post my blog posts a little earlier just for the benefit of the people out east but it’s hard to remember to do that.

  4. This is fantastic! Thank you for posting these tips! I’ve never heard these ones before and they help a ton!
    Amy @Europe’s Calling recently posted…Irish Apple-Buttermilk PieMy Profile

  5. Excellent tips! Thank you! I am just starting to work on my Pinterest boards and traffic from Pinterest and this will be very helpful in my quest!
    Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} recently posted…Leather Fish ScalesMy Profile

  6. Love this post! I’ve been noticing that Pinterest in my top traffic driver, and I’m loving it 😉 Thanks for the great tips!
    Kimberly recently posted…19 Ways to Use OreganoMy Profile

  7. What’s #3? It may just be my phone but it isn’t showing up.

  8. You´re welcome! :)

  9. Thanks for the amazing tips….I just pinned your post!!!!
    It amazes me how doing Pinterest the right way can bring so many more visitors to our blogs. I have to add, too, that I just saw your comment at the Blissful Bee about having only been blogging for nine months. That totally surprised me because I’ve been looking about your blog (because of your Moonlight and Mason Jars Party) since I started mine six months ago and would have never guessed that! In my opinion you’ve passed the Jr. High phase of blogging!

  10. Great Tips! Thank you. Pingraphy now is ViralTag https://www.viraltag.com/

  11. Great tips, thank you ! Something I started using two days ago and have gained almost 200 new followers since the start is Pinwoot.

    I do not “buy” followers as that is not something I’m into, but the option is there 😉

  12. Great tips, thanks for sharing! :-)

  13. Great tips — I especially appreciate the tip about when to pin! Thanks for posting.

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