50 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

50 Kid Friendly April Fools' Day PranksAll 50 of these April Fools Day pranks for kids will have moms and dads loving the prankster holiday just as much as their kids do! These pranks are family friendly and kid approved.1. Put a coat of vaseline on your child’s door knob.

2. Food coloring in the soap dispenser.

3. Confuse callers by leaving this outgoing message on your answering machine: “Hello? [pause] Hello? [pause] Is anyone there? [pause] April Fools’!”

4. Bake a batch of cookies but replace the sugar with salt.

5. Tape down the phone button so the person who picks up the receiver will think the line is dead.

6. Hang the family’s clean underwear on the ceiling fan.

7. Put frosting in the toothpaste container.

8. Allow the kids to have Mountain Dew or Sprite (a.k.a pickle juice).

9. Switch out the bottle of blue Windex for blue GatorAid & give your mouth a few sprays upon dinner clean up.

10. Mouse poop (dry rice painted black) in their beds.

11. Squirt gun attack upon “lights out”.

12. Put a piece of saran wrap underneath the lid of your child’s shampoo so nothing comes out.

13. Paint clear finger nail polish over a dry bar of soap. Swap it for the one in the shower. It will drive your kids crazy trying to get it to lather!

14. If you have 2 bedrooms right across the door from each other, tie them together with panty hose.

15. Put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of a cup before pouring in the milk or water.

16. While the kids are sleeping, switch them into each others beds.

17. Add some food coloring to the bottom of the cereal bowl before you pour cereal and milk.

18. Superglue coins to the ground outside.

19. Serve breakfast for dinner.

20. Buy realistic looking bugs and put it in the cereal box.

21. Set several alarm clocks early and at different times. Then, hide them in your child’s room.

22. Put a drop of food coloring inside the bristles of each child’s toothbrushes.

23. Put part of a post-it note over the tracking ball on a computer mouse — it won’t work!

24. Short-sheet a bed by tucking in both ends of the top sheet at the head of the bed. When the fool crawls in, their feet will stop short.

25. Stuff tissue in the toe of someone’s shoe.

26. Turn pictures, furniture, & everything that you can upside down.

27. Serve an ice cream sundae bar for breakfast.

28. Rearrange your spouse’s drawers to make him wonder if he’s still asleep.

29. Serve meatloaf topped with colored mashed potatoes as “cupcakes”.

30. Tell your kids that they can have dessert if they clean their room. When they come to tell you it’s clean, have someone sneak in to hurry and mess it back up.

31. Make a sign to stick on the back of dad’s car saying “My family is playing an April Fools joke on me! Honk if you think it’s funny!”

32. The night before, pour cereal in a bowl and about half the milk. The next morning, take them out of the freezer and pour a little bit of fresh milk on top.

33. Put a rubber band around the sprayer on the kitchen sink and make sure it’s pointing straight out. When your kids go to wash their hands they’ll get sprayed!

34. Put baking soda into the toilet. When they go the bathroom it will foam up and give them a big surprise.

35. Tell the kids you are banning all utensils — hide them the night before, too. Then watch as everyone has fun eating with their hands.

36. Put toothpaste in your kids’ Oreos after scraping out the cream.

37. Write a short joke or ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ on toilet paper with a Sharpie or other permanent marker. Float the paper in the toilet bowl for your kids to find first thing in the morning.

38. Put a sardine in the door handle of the car – have baby wipes ready to wipe their stinky fingers afterwards.  The kids will shriek when they open the car only to have a fish pop out at them!

39. Tape a bike horn behind the door, squishy side in – so the door slams into the horn. They will jump when the door “honks” at them.

40. Use a clean drill bit to drill a hole in an apple. Stick a gummy worm deep in the hole so only about an inch is sticking out. Put it in your kid’s lunch box and they’ll have a very funny surprise.

41. Mixing up the cereals. If someone goes to pour Mini Wheats they may get Cheerios and vice versa.

42. Swap the stuff in your kids back packs.

43. Balance a cup of water on top of the bathroom door (must open into the bathroom). When someone closes the door, it hits the wall and falls off on them.  If you don’t want a wet mess, consider using confetti.

44. Sneak into your child’s room while they are sleeping and paint a mustache on them.

45. Put blue food coloring in the milk the night before April Fools’ Day, and watch your childrens’ eyes widen in surprise the next morning.

46. Place a big ol’ fake roach in the slipper of the family member who’s likely to scream the loudest.

47. Salt in the sugar bowl is a classic switcheroo.

48. Insert a raisin into a tube of toothpaste. The unsuspecting person who squeezes it will be dismayed by what comes out onto his toothbrush.

49. Add lemon juice to a glass of water when your kid’s not looking, then wait for his sour face.

50. Take a screenshot of the desktop of Dad’s computer, and leave the image open. Sit back and let him freak out for a few minutes, believing the computer is frozen.

I hope you enjoyed these April Fools Day pranks for kids! If you carry out one of these cute ideas on your poor unsuspecting kiddos, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Xo

Happy Pranking!

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  1. Debbie Keds says:

    Summer camp this year has given rise to more and new pranks. My sneakers were tied together and hanging 20 feet in the air on an electrical line… permanently. Sociality and new counselor Katie was clueless when she dressed in white the first day. Hello mud!!! And her snooty attitude made her a prime target. The fish under the seat of her new Mercedes convertible will be the gift that keeps on giving. Oh I am so bad. lol. The worst prank was the sprinkling of this substance called “Purple Rain”. Here is a link to where to buy it. http://www.amazon.com/Shomer-Tec-Special-Ingredients-Purple-Powder/dp/B00ABV7U3I Hardly a counselor or camper left without purple stains on their clothes and shoes. lol. I cannot take credit for the mischeivous purple stains; however, I have ordered a bottle for my arsenal. tehehehe Hmmm. Halloween in a few months away…

  2. Debbie Keds says:

    Great ideas!!! April Fools Day is coming soon again. I have had kids at summer camp play pranks on me. One is cut the ends of all of my socks. Then I find the toe area of my sneakers filled with vaseline and sand. The goo never completely washed out. How about digging around the tires of my Mustang GT before a heavy rain? She sunk about 4 inches into the mud and totally stuck! And I cannot forget the confetti in my A/C vents. It’s still coming out of my vents from last summer. The gift that keeps on giving!

    One asks, “why do I put up with this?” The answer is that I love working with the kids. If I had a choice of not going to camp and avoiding the pranks or going to camp and enduring their mischief, then I would purchase the glitter for the kids! Anyhow, I have heard that the head counselor has bought a new Mercedes convertible. Even though I am typically not the jealous type, I definitely need to buy some glitter. ;) Deb

  3. These are such fun ideas! We especially like the switching cereals one!

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