Barkbox Review – Written By Bailey the Cavalier

Bailey Loves BarkBox: A Review Written By Bailey the Cavalier - The Newlywed PilgrimageHi, I’m Bailey. I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I live in Dallas, Texas with Mommy & Daddy. I love treats, belly rubs (especially from Daddy), and car rides to absolutely anywhere. I hate stairs, baths, and stingy humans at the dinner table. My most favorite time of day is when my Mommy gets home from work and takes me to the mailbox.

Here’s why:

My Mommy always takes me to the mailbox with her. It’s our thing and it means she’s home for the day. Hooray! Mommy walks through the door and she drops everything to love on me. Then she exchanges her high heels for some sneakers in the coat closet, grabs my leash, and we’re out the door…to the mailbox.

As if Mommy being home for the day isn’t exciting enough, she had an extra special surprise waiting for me in our mailbox yesterday. I had never received anything in the mail before this. Well, I do occasionally get a card from the vet but it’s usually just a reminder that I have to go and get a shot. I really wish the vet would lose our address. Anyway, I could hardly believe my eyes when she showed me that big cardboard box and told me that it was all mine. I couldn’t control my wagging tail as she walked me back to our house to see what was inside of that box. “It’s called BarkBox“, she said, “but we’re going to call it BaileyBox around here because everything inside this box is just for you.” She opened the box and you won’t believe all the wonderful goodies that were inside.

First, she pulled out this green bone looking thing. She said that a company called Wigzi makes durable dog toys and that they included this pocket bone in my BarkBox. It has treat pockets! My ears perked up when I heard the word “treat”.  After all, that is my favorite word. It’s dishwasher safe, recyclable, and made in the USA. None of that really matters to me but I think it makes Mommy happy. I took to this treat bone right away. Although I was a bit confused at first because I could smell the treats inside but I couldn’t see them. I figured it out though.

BarkBox Review - Wigzi Bone

My Wigzi bone is super fun to play with. It entertains me for hours! Whew! It sure does wear me out!

Bailey the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - The Newlywed PilgrimageAfter a quick nap, Mommy gave me a smoothie, a Mr. Barksmith smoothie. I’ve seen my parents make smoothies before but I’ve never had one. She said it was a low cal smoothie made for pups just like me. Apparently, they’re made from real fruit and they contain Omega 3 chia seed which is good for my aging joints and for my itchy fur coat. I thought that it tasted great! My daddy saw how quickly I scarfed it down and he told me that he was going to buy me some more of these smoothies and keep them in the freezer. That way, after a long walk in the Texas heat this summer, he can bring me inside and cool me down with a frozen smoothie treat. I used to think that getting ice chips was a treat in itself but this is so much better! Yum!

BarkBox Review - Mr. Barksmith's Dog SmoothiesNext, I got to try some natural organic treats from Max & Ruffy’s. I had never tasted anything quite like it! I was told that the flavors were banana and coconut. I’m not sure where those flavors come from but I liked it. A lot. My parents like it too. No, they didn’t eat it. They said they liked the treats because they do not have any grains (no wheat, corn, soy, or GMOs). Whatever that means.

BarkBox Review - Max & Ruffy'sThen I saw Mommy pull out a rubbery thing called a flexi-bowl. Safemade makes it. I thought it was a toy but turns out…it’s a mobile water bowl. It’s perfect for picnics, long walks, and Saturday brunch. Yes, I said brunch! I get to go to brunch with my parents on Saturdays sometimes. A lot of restaurants have water bowls for dogs but there are some who don’t. My mommy can keep this rubber bowl in her purse for times like these. She can even keep it in the freezer for extra hot days.

BarkBox Review: Safemade Flexi-BowlGuess what? BarkBox had even more treats for me inside! I got to taste test some No Grainers. They’re soft chews and they have real chicken. It doesn’t get any better than chicken! Also, Daddy said that they’re made right here in the USA. Although I have English blood, I’m a true American patriot dog. No grain, wheat, corn, or soy can be found in these No Grainers. Healthy and delicious?  Even a dog can appreciate that!

BarkBox Review: No GrainersThe last treat that Mommy pulled out of the box for me came from Clear Conscience Pet. These slow cooked tender stikz reminded me my grandpa’s brisket. I wonder if my Papa John gave them his brisket recipe. I wish my parents would haven given me a whole stick at treat time but they tore it in half and refrigerated the rest for later. Is it later yet?

BarkBox Review: Clear Conscience Pet Tender Stikz SlidersThe day my BarkBox came will go down in history as one of the best days of my life. I know that Mommy and Daddy adore me, but I’ve never felt more loved than when they gave me this big box of toys & treats. They even renamed it BaileyBox just for me! Mommy said that our BaileyBox isn’t just a one time thing either. She said that we will get a new box in our mailbox every month!

It’s good to be a dog.

Bailey Signature

Disclaimer: This BarkBox review is a sponsored post. I received product/compensation in exchange for my opinion. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.



  1. We’re massive fans of Bark Box!

  2. $5 off barkbox link!

    now my pup thinks all the mail is for him haha

  3. Hi! I am due to get a cavalier king charles spaniel very soon. Because cav’s are on the larger end of the toy group, did you go with a small or medium size barkbox? Any advice you can give would be awesome!

  4. Paolo McCarty says:


    I am a fellow dog owner and I’m trying to learn as much about BarkBox as I can before I get it for my dog, Mina. Your review of the product came up in a google search I did. It would be really helpful if you shared what you really like and dislike about BarkBox and examples. Is it any different from other subscription pet boxes? Thanks so much for your help!

  5. Another great dog gift box is PoochPax at

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