Gender Reveal Ideas: Confetti Filled Push Pops {Tutorial}

Gender Reveal Push PopsFor our gender reveal party, it was really important to us to have our guests be the actual “revealers” of the big news. Instead of my husband and I cutting a cake or opening up a box of balloons, which are both fantastic gender reveal ideas, I made these cute confetti filled push pops for each guest at our party. Here’s a tutorial so that you can make these for your reveal and let every loved one be included in the “pink or blue” surprise.

Gender Reveal Confetti Filled Push Pop - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal via The Newlywed PilgrimageFirst, I ordered these plastic push pops from Amazon. You can get them for under $1 each. They were exactly what I needed.

Gender Reveal Ideas Confetti Filled Push Pops Tutorial #suppliesThese plastic pops are transparent so I spray painted the lids black. I didn’t want anyone getting a glimpse of the pink or blue confetti before the reveal. No peeking people!

Gender Reveal Ideas Confetti Filled Push Pops DIYNext, I designed a 3×6 cover for the push pop that went with my theme. At my gender reveal party, I had a lot of question marks around my house including one on the front door and one on a pink and blue wreath. I decided to incorporate that into the design of the push pop cover along with the overall Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme.

Gender Reveal Push Pops with Confetti.jpgI printed the covers on card stock, cut them out, and I used glue dots to adhere them to the push pops. I filled the pops with PINK confetti since I already knew that we were having a a little girl. *big smile*

Last of all, I created an “on the count of 3, we shall see” sign to explain what the push pops were and I tied a ribbon over the basket to keep eager hands from grabbing them prematurely.

Gender Reveal Party with Push Pops with ConfettiHow’d the push pops go over? The were a HUGE hit! I had the grandparents stand front and center while my husband and I videoed the special moment. Click here to see the video of my guests using their confetti filled push pops at my gender reveal party.

Keep Creating, Jennifer Pilgrim


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  2. So cute thank you for sharing! Where did you get the confetti from to fill them? Thank you!

  3. i love this! I have a question though. I just got my push pops in the mail and I realized that the lid doesn’t come off when you push up on the stick. Did you have everyone take their kids off without looking prior to popping them or did you put some kind of paper over them instead of using the lids? Thanks.

    • Hey Ashley! You could use paper if you wanted. I told me guests to push the pop “firmly” and I’d say that 85% of them popped correctly. You’ve got to put some force into it. Hope this helps!! Xo

  4. Love the idea! One question how did you print the covers? I have tried and color doesn’t come out on cardstock similar to the color you got. So I don’t know how else to print them as you have.

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  6. I love this idea, very similar to what I was planning to do! Question, were you able to see the color of the confetti through the bottom of the push pop?