Paper Doily Placemats, Place Settings, and Invitations

Paper Doily Placemat, Place Setting, and Invitation #doilies - The Newlywed PilgrimageDoilies, doilies, and more doilies! From paper doily placemats to place settings to doily adorned invitations, these vintage decor darlings have definitely made a comeback.

Creating a doily placemat is an easy way to add class to a casual table setting. Print each guest’s name on a piece of white card stock paper and then cut a doily out of the paper (directions below) centered around the name. Set a glass plate on top of the doily placemat and your guests will be dazzled!

Paper Doily Placemat Craft

Upon planning decor for a tea party I hosted recently, I started researching easy ways to make my own paper doilies at home. Apparently, I’m not the first crafter extraordinaire to look into creating paper doilies because Martha Stewart had already thought of a simple solution.

Paper Doily Punch by Martha Stewart CraftsMartha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch is a fun and effective tool for creating doilies. It may be a bit confusing to use at first but here’s my step by step guide to this pretty punch.

Paper Doily Punch for Paper Doily Placemate, Place Settings, & Invitations1. Remove the punch and knob from the frame. Insert the metal plate into the frame. Choose the size of your doily and adjust both the metal plate and the magnetic knob plate accordingly.

2. Center paper over the magnetic knob plate. Paper must be large enough to cover the metal plate. Set the knob on top of paper until the magnets click into place.

3. Press down on the punch and then remove it to reveal the punched design. Turn the knob to move the paper to the next space.

4. The punch also has a magnet that aligns the punch perfectly every time.  Make a punch, lift it, turn the knob one space. Place the punch back on and punch again. Repeat until the doily is completed.

What else can you make with paper doilies? How about place settings and invitations?

Paper Doily Place Settings

Paper Doily Placemats, Place Settings, and Invitations #doilies - The Newlywed PilgrimageDelight your guests with an elegant doily place setting upon their plate at your dinner table. Experiment with different colors and textures of paper! I can’t wait to create holiday inspired doily placemats for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Paper Doily Invitation Accessory

Use doilies to doll up invitations! Fold a paper doily in half and use it as an invitation sleeve. What a simple & cheap way to add some shabby chic pizzazz to invites!

Paper Doily Invitation - The Newlywed PilgrimageThe only dilemma with doilies is choosing which way to decorate with them.

Here’s to the doily!




  1. Bowing to all things Martha.

  2. What a cute idea! Just bought myself a new Martha punch the other day :) I love that you can make the doily out of sturdier paper too. Sometimes those restaurant doilies are so flimsy! Your blog is so cute, I love it :)

  3. Cute! I love anything Marrrtha! Diggin your blog soo much fun stuff!

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