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Welcome to Modern Pilgrim!

I’m Jennifer Pilgrim, a happily married Dallas gal with a brand new baby girl and a love for creativity. This little place in the blogosphere is where I like to share my creative inspiration. You’ll find practical crafts, cooking, and a friendly conversation (about everything from motherhood to beauty to fashion and so on) here.

My hope is that this blog will inspire you to create the life you want to live. I’m a firm believer that as women, we are the masters of happiness in our households. I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be but my purpose in this life is to spread joy…one craft, one recipe and one conversation at a time. Join me!

Pilgrim Family

Mr. Pilgrim and me with Bailey, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

About The Modern Pilgrim

I haven’t always been crafty or familiar with cooking. In fact, this blog happened by accident. One month after we married, my husband moved us from our lifelong home state of Texas deep into the Amish country in Ohio. It was an exciting adventure at first but gloom soon set in due to the stress of his job, the lack of a support system (friends and family), and the hardship of not having basic shopping and entertainment amenities. I became bored and purposeless.

The only thing that brought me any happiness during that time was my marriage. Once I decided that I’d had just about enough negativity in a few short months to last a lifetime, I set out to create a different mood in my home. Through blogs, I began learning how to cook, bake, decorate and create. Come to find out, I sincerely enjoyed these things and I had a talent for it.

I decided to start a blog of my own to keep in touch with loved ones in Texas and to share my recipes and crafts with whoever needed inspiration. Fast forward a year or two and we’re back in Dallas, Texas living a blessed life full of friends and family. I’m creating joy in my household each and every day and I’m blogging about it every step of that way. I’ve found true comfort, understanding, inspiration and knowledge through blogs and I pray that my blog will do the same for others.

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Keep Creating, Jennifer Pilgrim