Autumn Apple Desserts

Autumn Apple DessertsSeptember 2, 2015

Welcome to Moonlight & Mason Jars #121! Happy September!! Autumn is in the air…and what better way to ring in the season than with some amazing autumn apple desserts from participating bloggers? {Read more…}

Effortless Crockpot Applesauce

Fill your home with the aroma of warm apples & cinnamon with this effortless crockpot applesauce recipe. Tiny tummies will delight in fresh, homemade taste!September 1, 2015

If you’ve ever tried cooking applesauce on the stove, you know just how labor intensive it can be. No thank you! I don’t have time for that with a 1 year old tugging at my apron strings and I bet you don’t either. There’s a better way, my friends, and it will fill your home with the aroma of warm apples & cinnamon for hours. Yes, please!  {Read more…}

Favorite Baby Product of the Week

Favorite Baby Products: Kidgets DiapersAugust 26, 2015

I am a girl mom. Let me tell you firsthand that baby girls are expensive, y’all. Anything that’s pink, sparkly, or ultra girl-ish, I buy. By the dozen. I simply cannot help myself! But in order to afford all things girly, I’ve got make cuts somewhere in my budget and you better believe it isn’t coming out of Mama’s shoe money. So where do I find room to save dollars and cents with a baby on board? Kidgets Diapers! {Read more…}

Chocolate Inspired Desserts

Chocolate Inspired DessertsAugust 25, 2015

Welcome to Moonlight & Mason Jars #120! It may still be scorching hot in Texas right now but fall is upon us. Kids are returning to school, the weather is cooling down, and football is about to begin. Plus, moms everywhere will have more time during the day . . . for baking that is!! Enjoy these delicious chocolate desserts from our featured bloggers this week! {Read more…}

Annabelle’s 1st Birthday Video

You, my lovely blog readers, are just like family to me so I’m overjoyed to share something special with y’all . . . Annabelle’s 1st birthday video. Here’s 7 minutes of photos and footage from her “you are my sunshine” birthday party! We are still on cloud nine from all of the love that we felt from our friends, family, and the online community during this precious time. I’ve got party DIYs and details coming to the blog very soon. Xo, Jenn

Annabelle's 1st Birthday!!

I put together this little 7 minute video of photos and footage from Annabelle's first birthday! As you can see, she had a blast at her "you are my sunshine" party and she was very attentive to her guests and her gifts!! ;) We are still on cloud nine from all of the love that we felt from our friends and family last weekend. What a happy time! P.S. – Click on the "HD" button on the bottom right of the video screen to watch it in high definition. Make sure the sound is on so you can sing along! Ha.

Posted by Jennifer Thornhill Pilgrim on Monday, August 17, 2015

Dreamy Bedroom Essentials

Dreamy Bedroom Essentials - Fabulous bedroom DIY ideas.August 19, 2015

Welcome to Moonlight & Mason Jars Link Party #119! From shiplap walls to lavender scented sheets, you can create a peaceful sleep space with these dreamy bedroom DIY ideas from participating bloggers. Here’s to a good night’s sleep! {Read more…}

Gerber Chew University

Gerber Lil Bits Chew UAugust 18, 2015

Annabelle and I had the privilege of attending her very first school orientation last week in Dallas. Nope, it wasn’t for pre-school. Think higher. It was for the masters program at Chew U. Yup, I’ve got a baby genius on my hands! She’s already getting her masters . . . in chewing. {Read more…}


Summer Party Ideas

Summer Party IdeasAugust 11, 2015

Welcome to Moonlight & Mason Jars #118! It’s party time!! Birthdays, pool parties, and showers are in full swing. From printable ice cream cone wrappers to mini melon alphabet skewers, you can celebrate in style with these summer party ideas from our featured bloggers. {Read more…}

Bobs & LoLo

Bobs & Lolo's new album, Dirty Feet has made Modern Pilgrim Blog's Favorite Baby Products List.August 6, 2015

Favorite Baby Products Series: Music, movement and make-believe? Yes, please . . . and my daughter agrees. I’m continuing my favorite baby products series this week with a mommy must-buy that’s not only fun, but educational as well. What more could any parent want? {Read more…}


Rustic Farmhouse DIY Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse DIYs with tutorials.August 4, 2015

Charming, beautiful (and anything but old fashioned!), these rustic farmhouse DIY projects from participating bloggers are simply delightful and unique. Welcome to the link party, Moonlight & Mason Jars #117! {Read more…}